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This UK based client was spending a lot of money on this one wheel, we offered a solution of a custom made wheel suited for the dry cutting application. not only did we help save on cost but we also improved the production life of the wheel outlasting the current wheels being used.
the company will be saving 30% cost per wheel and will halve the wheel spend for the year for the 1 type of wheel. further cost reduction improvements currently being trialed.

A Real Success


Our client based in Kenya wanted longer lasting Anti static sanding belts, these were custom made to order and these not only out lasted well known branded belts, in the process we reduced cost, belt change downtime and increase productivity per belt being used.

Exceptional Achievement


Custom Spot Drill point for drilling out spot welds during an automotive repair. client at weld-dub had this manually ground but didn't last very long, our resharpening team did a wondeful job creating this machine finished point which has lasted a couple of restorations.

Ease of drilling out spotwelds

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